Welcome to Sindh Transmission & Dispatch Company (Pvt) Limited


To be on the top-notch list of national enterprise with global ambitions, effectively availing multiple growth opportunities, to maximize returns to delight the shareholders and to remain ethically and socially active and accountable.


To provide our customers with the top quality infrastructure in a safe, reliable and efficient manner and to deliver exceptional services with the best customer support. Also to maximize returns to the shareholders through core business value and to give employees a better environment to embrace challenges.


Corporate Strategy

Keeping the highest standards and top position in the core business, STDC utilizes its brand name with creative organizational strategy and excellent professionalism. STDC excels in strong financial structure, encompassing environments of every domain concerned and acquires new projects to achieve a correlation between the perfect business value of stakeholders and STDC.

What we do?

STDC is a subsidiary of Sindh Energy Holding Company, incorporated in Jan, 2015 and wholly owned by Government of Sindh province,Pakistan.We are fully capable to cater needs of Individual power producers of conventional or alternative renewable resources of wind,solar,biomass energy. We are transforming life by creating synergy between technical & economic skills. read more…

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