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STDC follows CSR business approach to benefit the whole community under its brand name. It develops bond of strength between STDC and its stakeholders by creating economic, environmental and public progress as a social responsibility which not only encourages the technical side to improve, but also gives confidence to the whole population to always be one step ahead in any field.

Corporate Social Responsibility is an indispensable and withstanding component of STDC’s operations. As a mindful corporate resident, STDC centers on meeting the desires for its interior and outer stakeholders. It isn’t just wanting to put resources into its workers, endeavors for consumer loyalty and works morally, but also attempts a wide scope of activities to profit in areas of Instruction, Health, Vocational Training, Environment, Sports, Culture, Network Development, Road Safety, and Response to Natural Disasters.

Preparing and taking care of environmental hazards is STDS’s business and it accompanies a lot to spread awareness of likely danger and risk among the employees who serve the nation under the name of STDC. It proactively recognizes, limits and mitigates circumstances that can possibly make hurt the wellbeing and security of its workers, clients, specialist co-ops, networks, open and our living place i.e. the earth. The concentration and assorted variety of specialized, social and natural activities of STDC represent themselves when it comes to show responsibility in serving local communities and diverse societies.

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C.E.O Mr. Muhammad Saleem shaikh and STDC team accompany CSR meeting initiative by Akhuwat and NEPRA
Dated 20-05-2021

Corporate Social Responsibility Certificate