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Sindh Transmission & Dispatch Company (Pvt.) Limited (STDC)

Sindh Transmission & Dispatch Company (Pvt.) Ltd. (STDC) is a subsidiary company of Sindh Energy Holding Company (Pvt.) Ltd. serving wholly under the Government of Sindh, Pakistan. STDC was incorporated on 7 January, 2015 under the 18th amendment and registered with Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) which comes under the umbrella of Companies Ordinance 1984. Since the last 5 years, STDC has been accommodating the individual power producers from conventional or alternative renewable resources. These resources include Wind, Solar and Biomass Energy. STDC is successful in providing economically technical solutions in the name of energy transmission in Pakistan.

Our Mission

To provide our customers with the top quality infrastructure in a safe, reliable and efficient manner and to deliver exceptional services with the best customer support. Also to maximize returns to the shareholders through core business value and to give employees a better environment to embrace challenges.

Our Vision

To be on the top-notch list of national enterprise with global ambitions, effectively availing multiple growth opportunities, to maximize returns to delight the shareholders and to remain ethically and socially active and accountable.

Corporate Strategy

Keeping the highest standards and top position in the core business, STDC utilizes its brand name with creative organizational strategy and excellent professionalism. STDC excels in strong financial structure, encompassing environments of every domain concerned and acquires new projects to achieve a correlation between the perfect business value of stakeholders and STDC.

Not only this, STDC plays a vital role in the development of country’s economic and financial health by providing glorious and effective electric power transmission service and unique methods to accommodate the needs of clients and additional values with excellence and quality work. The modern technology used by STDC is one of the proofs how clients and other stakeholders are more than satisfied with STDC’s core services and customer relationship. Providing values to the stakeholders is the top most priority of STDC’s corporate strategy. By following this set of corporate strategies with dignity, STDC holds the key of rapid business development and marvelous future embodiment of creative ideas in its hands.

Our Corporate Strategy

maintaining our competitive position in the core business, we employ our brand name, unique organizational culture, professional excellence and financial strength diversifying in local and multinational environments through acquisitions and new projects thus achieving synergy towards value creation for our stakeholders.

Core Values

  • Sustainability: Future Existence with sense of responsibility.
  • Teamwork: Involve people
  • Diligent: Give your best
  • Commitment: Keep your word.

Our Scope

Provision of Catering the need of extra high voltage electric power infrastructure.


  • Integrity: Do the right thing.
  • Respect: Value people.
  • Endeavour: Never give up.
  • Excellence: Give your best.
  • Growth: Continual learning and improvement.
  • Environmental Friendly: Care for environment.