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STDC has achieved several major milestones in a very short period of time. These milestones are no doubt the building blocks of STDC in the beginning of this marvelous venture of energy transmission from Sindh Government. STDC’s performance is touching the skies of success because of low rates, great reliability, environmental ownership, stakeholder privileges and customers attention.

STDC brings quality in everyday life by serving its stakeholders with full dedication, honor and respect. This is why STDC’s value for its clients is way much greater than any other energy transmission company throughout Sindh, Pakistan. Expertise in managing customer relations and sector of investor management are duly catered in STDC, giving no chance of complaint.

Following are the achievements of STDC which is the list of projects, licenses and quality assurance to acquire the provision of top level value for its stakeholders and clients.

Major Achievements


Sr. No. Major Achievements
1. First ever provincial 132KV double Circuit Transmission Line of 95.74 Km length for evacuation of 100MW electric power from Sindh Nooriabad Power Company (Pvt.) Ltd. to K-Electric KDA-33 Grid Station, Karachi.
2. First ever High Voltage Transmission Line Company built by a Provincial Government. No precedence in any other province
3. Environmental Protection Agency Govt. of Sindh accorded its NOC for the transmission line project of STDC on November 18, 2015.
4. National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) granted its Special Purpose Transmission Line License (SPTL) to STDC on December 17, 2015 for 30 years for the transmission line project.
5. Tariff Petition for the transmission line submitted to NEPRA on December 21, 2015.
Public Hearing for STDC Tariff Petition conducted by NERPA on March 18, 2016.

Issues framed by NERPA regarding Tariff Petition were addressed by the management of STDC.

7. Operations and Maintenance of the Transmission Line by STDC itself.
8. Will add towards obtaining permanent company transmission license from NERPA.
9. Policy of Zero Tolerance in Safety. Due to strict following of this policy, there was zero industrial accident during the whole construction period of the line. With this, no incident of accident has been reported during Maintenance & Operation so far.


STDC, being in the energy transmission sector of Pakistan, is an ISO certified company since last three years. This information cannot be ignored because of the fact that majority of the companies of similar domain avoid to get certified. Reason behind is the addition in the cost structure, although that’s an annual cost, but companies still avoid to proceed legally.

STDC has a list of certifications which makes it prominent among the competitors. Being International Organization of Standards (ISO) certified, STDC stands firmly and far ahead from many other companies who look for providing same level of service in the domain of energy transmission. It’s also a more positive aspect that STDC, from the beginning, looked to serve the nation with entirely more spectacular ways to endorse stakeholders’ delight. And by abiding by the rules and conformance to the international standards of health, quality, information, safety and security, STDC has been the top-notch electrical transmission since the last 3 years with all the moral values acquired so far.

Following are the certifications with respective description:

Sr. No. Certifications Description
1. Achieved ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System
2. Achieved ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System
3. Achieved ISO 45001:2015 Occupational Health & Safety
4. Achieved ISO 27001:2015 Information Security Management
5. ISO 55001:2015 (In progress) Asset Management System